The Camp Lake Hawea – Why we do what we do?

Posted: May 26, 2020Category: History

The Camp Lake Hawea – Why we do what we do?

Our History

Established in 1971 and purchased in 2009, The Camp (formerly Lake Hawea Holiday Park) has now been in The Burdon family for over 10 years and next year The Camp turns 50 !

Custodians of this beautiful place, Sarah and Richard Burdon know, love and respect the local area. Both live and breathe the outdoors, Richard having grown up on Mount Burke/Glen Dene Station and farmed his whole life, while Sarah grew up on a farm in the Clare Valley of South Australia having a passion for ecotourism.

Lake Hawea Accommodation

The Camp had always neighboured Glen Dene Station so when it came up for sale they both jumped at the opportunity to buy it and make it part of the Glen Dene family.  Richard thought it would be easier than farming sheep and Sarah was excited to put her ecotourism degree to use.

The quintessential camping experience

The Burdons believe The Camp is what camping should be. It is more than a place to pitch a tent, it is about taking the time out, getting away and getting back to a simpler life, it is a memory-maker, a place to rest, to share the good times. It’s beautifully basic and it is just about good old classic fun that keeps you coming back time and time again!  Camping is the one experience the Burdons do not want to change, they want people to enjoy camping for what it is so each generation is able to enjoy the quintessential kiwi camping experience The Camp offers.

The Camp Lake Hawea

At The Camp, families can escape their hectic lives which are bound by work deadlines and after school activities and those who are on a budget and wanting to experience the real New Zealand away from the hustle and bustle can.

Glamp at The Camp

Camping isn’t normally about luxury but for many at The Camp –it is the luxury of being able to experience camp life.  Not everyone gets to see a blanket of stars at night, or to squish into a tent with each other, be woken by birdsong and feeling the warmth of the sun in the morning, roasting marshmallows on the fireplace or trying skimming a stone on the crystal clear Lake Hawea.

Safari Tent at The Camp

But staying in a tent is not for everyone and with the introduction of glamping everyone can join in the fun without leaving the creature comforts of home. It’s also something special when glamping has inspired those guests to try out camping too. The Burdons are continuously upgrading and there are a lot of exciting new projects ahead for The Camp. It is paramount to them that with every upgrade the right balance of traditional camping and innovations/improvements be found when they take on any new project so they don’t compromise the essence of The Camp experience for all those that love to visit.

Lake Hawea accommodation

Connecting to the land and lake

The lake comes first to the Burdons. Being in a remote location and with the privilege of having such a pristine environment to be based in, means ensuring eco-friendly initiatives are developed and adhered to is imperative.  The Camp is all about sustainability with eco-friendly showers in place, recycling facilities, water-based cleaning systems, and a composting system, campers are encouraged to be part of keeping The Camp and surrounding environment healthy.

Lake Hawea Accommodation

Sharing this magical spot – Lake Hawea - with kiwis and tourists is Richard and Sarah’s passion.  They love it when people gather and enjoy the outdoors alongside them and the opportunity to meet new friends at the same time.  The Camp’s philosophy isn’t just about hiring a fishing rod to catch a fish, it’s about telling the story, showing guests how to prepare that fish, to smoke it and enjoy it. This is high country hospitality – the backbone of the region.

A place where our campers gather to create memories and stories they can share forever.

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