At the Camp, fun is simple. It's nostalgic and wholesome.
This is what holidays used to be. This is what holidays should be.
We hope you'll gather with us.

The Team

We are excited to introduce The Camp crew to you all.  We are all proud of The Camp and look forward to welcoming you when you come and stay.  Our staff are here to make sure you have a great holiday so please ask them if you need any help at all whether it be booking day trips, information on tracks, fishing, weather or how to smoke a fish.

Full timers

Richard & Sarah


Richard & Sarah


Richard and Sarah bought the Camp in 2009 and have been enhancing the quintessential Kiwi camping experience here ever since. As third generation farmers, the Burdons have owned nearby Glen Dene Station for many years. The Burdons have been farmers, fishermen and hunters all their lives, right back to 1929 when George Burdon bought Mt Burke Station with a goal to making it a high-country farm.


Sarah and Richard’s philosophy is around sharing the land with others, connecting people to share stories and create memories that last a lifetime. Sarah’s background in eco tourism and the family’s approach to regenerative farming, and now tourism, means the environment, our community and being economically sustainable as a business are at the core of their businesses. Sarah and Richard hang out at The Camp a lot, so you will always see them greeting guests, mucking in or at the food truck, so come and say hi if you see them.


Employment Opportunities

Join The Camp Crew.  We are currently looking for people for:

  • Summer Jobs – Shop, Reservations, Food Truck cook and baristas, Housekeeping, Grounds/Maintenance
  • For more information, contact Michele manager@thecamp.co.nz
  • Please also let us know if you have expertise in other fields eg social media, digital marketing, landscaping, sustainability, photography, tourism etc.

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