Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is the closest coffee shop

    Starting from December you will be able to get good coffee and food In-house at The Camp. Located in The Hub near the office is our very own food caravan.

  • How much do the Washing Machines and Dryers Cost?

    The Washing machines cost $4. You can get $2 coins from the office and washing powder.

  • Where is the clothesline?

    We have High Country Clothesline behind Cabin 1. Hawea is great for drying clothes and we have pegs available for purchase from the office.

  • How much free internet do we get?

    At the Camp we use IKS and you get ½ hour free internet. You can purchase more internet on-line or get a card from the office.

  • Do the cabins have linen?

    Cabins have linen, sheets, duvet, pillow and towels.

  • Is the water safe to drink?

    Yes, we are on the town mains for water so it is safe to drink.

  • Where is the nearest shop?

    Hawea Kitchen & Store is in the Hawea Township and is a small grocery shop/café/restaurant or Wanaka is only 15 minutes away and has a large supermarket.

  • What are my options to get food?

    The Lake Hawea Hotel has a bar menu and fine dining restaurant and Hawea Kitchen & Store has a café and restaurant. Both places have courtesy pick up and drop off services.

  • Do you allow campfires?

    Due to council restrictions we do not allow campers to light fires. However, we do have fireplace on the lakefront for the guests to use. Please ask at the office to get the fire lit for you. During fireban season not fires are allowed in The Camp.

  • Is the Camp pet friendly

    We welcome your pets most of the year. During 20 December – 30 January we do not allow pets as The Camp is too busy.

  • What sort of fish are in the Lake?

    We have great fishing on Lake Hawea. We rainbow and brown trout and quinet salmon in the Lake.

  • How do I catch a fish?

    If you are staying at The Camp you can borrow a fishing rod from the office. In New Zealand you will need a fishing licence which you can also get from the office. After some basic instructions on how to use the rod you are ready to go fishing!

  • What do we do once we have caught a fish?

    We have a fish cleaning area where you can prepare your fish to take away or smoke on our outdoor smoker. The office staff will help you smoke your fish and you will be left with a delicious appertiser to eat on the lakefront.

  • Where is the closest service station?

    We have an Allied service station at the edge of the Dam. It runs a 24 hour service.

  • Why is the water pressure so low?

    We're always looking to apply an environmentally friendly approach to water usage we can. The Camp is semi-rural and as such we get water from water tanks rather than from water mains. In general, our showers and toilets are gravity fed and so the pressure is lower than a mains water system. The portacom offers showers with more pressure if you need to wash those long locks!

  • Do you have recycling on site?

    We get rid of all waste while you are here - including compostable material and recyclables. We are passionate supporters of the reduce, reuse and recycle approach. Help us care for the earth - please feel free to ask questions if you are unsure about what waste to put in which bin.

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