Glamping at Denver Cove, Lake Hawea – My first time

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Glamping at Denver Cove, Lake Hawea – My first time

Its 5.00 pm Wednesday and you get a text “the weather has turned grim!  Are we still on for tonight”?  Anxiously you look out the office window and see blue skies and then a sudden down pour happens.  You are thinking “Why did I organize a spontaneous midweek glamping night”.


You knew the weather was dodgy but you knew that there was a Mess tent (kitchen/dining) where you could all huddle and have dinner.  You also knew that the large fire place was ready to light and that the glamping tents had heaters and electric blankets.  You remember that this is your only chance to test out the Denver Tents so you text back “It’s a bit grim but suns back out.  It should be okay, just wear warm”.  “Cool we’re excited”


Excited – That was all we needed to hear!  Anxiety gone, we were out of the office, home to grab a few supplies and warm jackets and we were away.  Down to The Camp, to Denver Cover to go Glamping in the Denver Tents.


The weather was fine.  The fire was amazing.  We enjoyed a G&T staring out at the magnificent lake and mountain views.   The BBQ went on, the table was set and the gathering moved to the mess tent for dinner. A couple of friends, yummy food, good wine, and lots of conversations.   It was all beautifully basic and good old fashioned fun.


One by one we went off to the glamping tents to bed. We couldn’t wait to get into our big warm bed.  Waking up to bird song, it was fun just lying there.  But it was hard to not get up and see what the morning had brought us.  It was magical.  The morning sun greeted you as it reflected of the water.  The views dragged you over to the waters edge.  Slowly and I mean slowly there was more action as our friends emerged.  No one wanted to go to work today.  They just wanted to hang, they all had had a fabulous time at The Camp.  Clean up was putting dishes in a bucket to be taken away by The Camp crew.


For me I was so happy.  A vision was now reality.  Denver Cove was open and it was just fabulous.  The super king beds were so comfortable, I was warm all night.  I had everything I needed in the Mess (Kitchen tent) and I was surrounded by new and old friends.  Glamping at The Camp is definitely your quintessential kiwi camping experience but with magic thrown in.  The feeling of joy and the need to share our experience immediately was the proof of this.


So if you haven’t tried Glamping now is the time to gather your friends and go and experience it for yourselves.  I highly recommend staying more than one night as you won’t want to rush away.  It’s definitely a retreat.


Written by Sarah Burdon, owner of The Camp with her husband Richard.

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